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Project Evolve: a marketing and communications think tank built to drive innovation and inspire fact based thoughtful solutions to challenging business and societal problems.


Providing small or emerging businesses in evolving or image-challenged industries like global or regional cannabis companies with the strategic marketing leadership, business management expertise, and hands-on experience to help guide them through and above their competitive situation.

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Event Industry Reinvention

Events, both online and in person, drive billions of dollars in commerce each year. But competition is fierce and innovation is a requirement. Project Evolve can help you reimagine stagnant events or entire business models to reinvigorate your audiences, exhibitors, and technological systems.

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Do Well by Doing Good – CSR

The vast majority of company valuation on the stock market has nothing to do with the products they sell. It’s about their brand value. Project Evolve helps organizations of all sizes explore, develop, and launch effective Corporate Social Responsibility programs, aligned with your values, that help your company and positively impact the world. Contact Us for more information.

B2B Event Innovation & Creativity is your business?

It’s time to tell the world your organization can help them develop, innovate and create to expand attendee satisfaction, exhibitor success, and your bottom line business. Sponsor project evolve’a Event Industry Innovation Study today. Fill out the Contact Form or call us at 210-861-2813.


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News & Media

Announcements and news about Project Evolve and the Global Cannabis Network Collective.

  • Project Evolve Announces New Executive-Level Global Cannabis Network. October 6, 2020. Excerpt:

Denver, CO – Project Evolve, a marketing and business expansion think tank for the global cannabis industry, announced this week the formation of the Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC). The network, recently emerging from beta stage, brings together an advisory board and membership group representing North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa to drive connectivity between multinational operators within the cannabis industry supply chain.

GCNC focuses on international expansion for each of its vetted member businesses, creating a space to drive deal flow, knowledge share, and a strengthening of an ethical and sustainable global cannabis industry.

“We are excited by the enthusiasm of the most influential multinational cannabis industry operators and suppliers from around the world who have joined our efforts to further information exchange and business opportunity across our network,” said Chris Day, Co-Founder of Project Evolve. Keep reading…

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